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Área de trabajo: Alimentos y Bebidas.

Título: Análisis de Vitaminas Lliposolubles usando columnas HPLC Accucore C18 4µm.

 Título original: Analysis of Fat Soluble Vitamins Using a Thermo Scientific Accucore XL C18 4 μm HPLC Column.

Autor: Derek Hillbeck, Ken Meadows, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Runcorn, Cheshire, UK.


Based on Core Enhanced Technology™ using 4 µm solid core particles, Accucore XL HPLC columns allow users of conventional HPLC methods to enjoy performance far beyond that of columns packed with 5 µm or even 3 µm fully porous particles. Very high separation efficiencies using standard HPLC instruments and conditions provide increased peak resolution and lower limits of detection. An ultra-stable packed bed results in exceptionally robust columns that demonstrate excellent retention and response reproducibility. Vitamins are biologically active compounds that act as controlling agents for an organism’s normal health and growth. The level of vitamins in food may be as low as a few micrograms per 100 g. Vitamins are often accompanied by an excess of compounds with similar chemical properties. Thus, not only quantification but also identification is mandatory for the detection of vitamins in food. Vitamins generally are labile compounds that should not be exposed to high temperatures, light, or oxygen. HPLC separates and detects these compounds at room temperature and blocks oxygen and light.


The analysis of six fat soluble vitamins on an Accucore XL C18 4 µm column gave resolution of greater than 2.5 for all compounds (Figure 1). Resolution of the critical pair (vitamin D2 and D3) increased by 30% to 2.5 for the Accucore XL C18 4 µm compared to 1.92 for the 5 µm fully porous C18 column. Table 1 shows that use of the Accucore XL provided an average increase in efficiency of 82% for all six compounds when compared to the fully porous column. This was achieved with a minimal backpressure increase, from 47 bar with the 5 µm fully porous column to 62 bar for the 4 µm Accucore XL column.


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