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Área de trabajo: Farmacéutica.

Título: Análisis de ibuprofeno y valerofenona usando columnas HPLC Accucore C18 4µm.

Título original: Analysis of Ibuprofen and Valerophenone Using a Thermo Scientific Accucore XL C18 4 μm HPLC Column.

Autor: Eilidh MacRitchie, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Runcorn, Cheshire, UK.


Based on Core Enhanced Technology™ using 4 µm solid core particles, Accucore™ XL HPLC columns allow users of conventional HPLC methods to enjoy performance far beyond that of columns packed with 5 µm or even 3 µm fully porous particles. Very high separation efficiencies using standard HPLC instruments and conditions provide increased peak resolution and lower limits of detection. An ultra-stable packed bed results in exceptionally robust columns that demonstrate excellent retention and response reproducibility. Ibuprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) and is a commonly used painkiller. It is particularly useful for relieving the symptoms of inflammation. This application note demonstrates improved chromatographic performance in the analysis of ibuprofen and valerophenone on an Accucore XL HPLC column in relation to a fully porous traditional HPLC column under the same experimental conditions.



Analysis of ibuprofen and valerophenone was performed on a Accucore XL C18 4 µm HPLC column and a 5 µm fully porous C18 column using the same experimental conditions. As shown in Figure 1, ibuprofen and valerophenone were well resolved with the USP criteria of resolution of not less than 2 being met on both columns.


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